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March of the Toa by IRON6DUCK
March of the Toa
I created this specific image to be used as my facebook cover. ^^

A simple idea, my toa in a chibi march/walk. Actually quite hard to draw the characters in chibi-form while keeping their body-language. but incredibly fun and fulfilling :icondashishappyplz:. This is now my favourite drawing, ever.

For fitting background music:…

To clear up any confusion: from left to right we have Nuhrii, Orkahm, Vhisola, Ehrye, Tehutti and Akhmou, and again these are my characters from my fan-fic-alternative-universe so they have a different backstory and world than the matorans with the same name. when I created these charaters years ago i didn't care about originality so my universe alligns in many ways with bionicle, yet is very different. and i cannot simply give them new names because they're anchored so deeply in my identity and childhood, it would be like changing my own name in real life. so sorry for that, fellow Bionicle-fans.

Btw Vhisola and Ehrye are holding hands because they are twins (My characters :p). Vhisola being the firstborn, likes to play big-sis, and Ehrye has no issue being the litle-bro. Sibling-love is often an under-expressed thing imo.
Toa Vhisola by IRON6DUCK
Toa Vhisola
To lens flare or not to lens flare... that is the question. I wish there were more female Toa. :icondashomgplz:

I have never been through a painting process with this little frustration as with this one. This image was really nice and fun to make :D. Not that I didn't have any trouble making it. Many corrections were made, but I never got angry over it. That being said it wasn't the hardest painting to make either. but anyway, not being frustrated is always a good thing :].
 Fun fact: whenever i paint i try to find music that fits the image, and in this case I listened to: Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" and "Let's go dance (Ooh La La La)". but also stuff like "What time is it?" and "All for one" from Hish School Musical. Seriously it works GREAT with this image! XD.. I wish I knew more 'Girl-songs' though ._.
    Let's go dance (Ooh La La La):…
    What time is is?:…
    All for One:…

Some painting notes: With Vhisola I went with the softbrush paintstyle simply because I find it way easier and faster. I am also experimenting with different ways to get rid of the thick outlines. The background was way easier than expected. A simple greenish blue background with saturated blue added to it works fantastic. I used a couple of custom brushes to get texture with the paint and I don't think I have ever used so many references before for both character and background :d

Vhisola: is an adventure-seeker. She has many Tomboyish traits like brash humour, athletic body and a confident will to fight which she has probably gotten from being around 5 boys most of the time, but she also has a very kind and soft personality. She is the older twin sister to Ehrye but sometimes likes to act like she is 3 years older than him. :p
 If I were to describe Vhisola with just one song, like an anthem, I would use this:…

Sketches and stuff for Vhisola are found here:…

EDIT: I changed Vhisola's pants because the fucked up lighting+hip was buggin' my eye more and more. hard material to render... the edit took 3 hours... btw also fixed the eyes.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello there good visitor! The name is ... well I'd like to keep that private, matter of principle, but you may call me IRON DUCK :)

I'm a 21 year old guy from Denmark, have drawn my whole life, more or less, and I am a hobbyist. ) I do not plan on make a living by painting since that would take all the fun away in my opinion.

I love meeting and/or helping people so please ask if you have something on your mind... or you can simply say hi if you want ^^. I always love a good chat :P

Getting ideas of what to draw is not my strongest skill and when i finally get ideas they tend to be stuff i want to illustrate rather than the art itself. So I'm not really an artist but more of an illustrator :]
The Orkahm train is slowly leaving the station while gaining speed. Orkahm and Nuhrii are the two Characters I have drawn the most in the past. so in their honour, I will reveal how I drew Orkahm all the way back to when I first designed him.
 I will warn you. It is not pretty xD

Expect These to appear in a week or two.
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