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Mata Nui sights - Charred Forest by IRON6DUCK
Mata Nui sights - Charred Forest
Mata Nui sights - Charred Forest

When you look at one path, 3 other paths look at you.

I originally wanted to make the "Po-Wahi" piece a panorama, but after that didn't happen (which I regret actually :7), I've been wanting to make a panorama since. Then I figured this setting would work well as a panorama. However doing a forest panorama kinda makes you hate the endless sea of trees :P

Doing a panorama piece is tough due to the challenge of its scenes' coherence. you should look at one angle at the time while every angle should feel like they belong in the same place. this makes it hard to adjust things within one angle since the other angles probably will have to be adjusted as well or else things will look out of place.

I think this image is the MNsights I am least satisfied with... oh well it was a fascinating experiment.

    Background music (the longer you listen to it while looking, the more insane you get 8) ):…




Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, good visitor! The name is Duck. Iron Duck.

I'm a 22 year old guy from Denmark, have drawn my whole life, more or less, and I am a hobbyist. I do not work as an artist anywhere nor do I plan on it. For me drawing is something I love to do because I have the freedom to draw whatever I like.

I love meeting and/or helping people so please ask if you have something on your mind... or you can simply say hi if you want. I always enjoy a good chat. However be aware that if you start a discussion with me be ready for a long talk, because I LOVE discussing. :)
 Sometimes I get reminded that what people see in my splash images aren't what I see myself. In a way it saddens, yet in another way it makes me happy, because I then realise I have a secret story that has yet to be told.
 In the story below I explain what my humanoid bionicles are, where they came from, but also a little about who I was when I grew up:


When I was a kid, I played with Bionicle... a lot. But it was actually only in the very beginning, back in 2001, that I actually played 'BIONICLE' with my lego-figures. Sure, I loved LEGO's Bionicle story more deeply than any other fictional universe I have ever known and I paid my deepest respect to it. But whenever I sat down with my toys, I felt free to play whatever I felt like with whatever I felt like. There was no voice inside myself telling me to stick to bionicle with my bionicle figures. Why limit what your toy is in play? I could put Transformers into my playing with bionicle, or Dinosaurs, or michromachines, Pokemon, Digimon or fukin Batman, you name it! Just like how Andy in 'Toy Story' plays with a cowboy and space-ranger at once. I believe this is pretty common too.

 So. I started putting a universe together that contained everything I loved in some gigantic mash-up context. And since Bionicle was my dearest of the universes within it, It all revolved around it. At the time, I was also in love with the story-concept of Digimon, having a team of individuals on the quest for good, in which each seemingly weak character could power-up when needed. This caused me to play Team Turaga vs Team Bohrok Va(only referring to the sets. not their characters). In 2004 I got 6 Metru-Nui Matoran which became the 'doctor who'-like "regenerations" to my turagas. I called them the "Toa" since I liked the term as a title and I stuck to them since.

 As years went on, the story grew bigger and bigger, always absorbing the random things I found in other fiction, or the real world, into the story somehow. The more my personal-universe evolved, the more I got interested in evolving it even further. Whenever I was playing with toys, this story was the only thing I played. Not that I did the same story over and over. no. I always played new things but it would all always happen within my huge universe. revolving around my main12.. and so a lot happened to my "Toa" and "Bohrok Va", and made me picture the characters more and more. Their personalities started to manifest and became more and more coherent, complex and realistic. I tried to think what they were thinking.

 Around 2007 I started picturing what the characters would look like if they were humanoids and not just lego-sets or biomechanical creatures, so I began drawing them and in 2015 I completed my 2½ year long ambition to produce 12 splash images of each of my main12 characters. Today when I look at my shelf, where all 12 bionicle sets are standing, my characters are what I see.
 Even though they are all clearly Bionicle sets, still with their original Bionicle names and somewhat Bionicle-abilities, I see characters with completely different personalities and story.


This has all put me in a sad dilemma. in one hand I have characters I hold so incredibly dear and want to express, but in the other hand I feel I can't show them because they are already known by their Bionicle-twin version of themselves. When I was little I didn't care about originality. I just played for myself afterall.

I wish to show my characters more, but I've reached the point where I cannot go forward without having it look awkwardly much like Bionicle, and I can't go back because the characters are in my head, and I cannot strip away the Bionicle feel they have so hard-wired into their design.

Skrmbillede 2015-11-19 17.05.42 by IRON6DUCK

In desire to show my characters to others, I promoted them as simple "humanized" Bionicle characters. And people like them. For that. which is fine. I get a little happiness from seeing a fellow Bionicle fan happy, as well as knowing that others have seen my character, whether they realize it or not . But the originality dilemma probably never ends...
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TridanV2 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Heya :D
I just found your artwork through a google-search when me and my friends were diving into some nostalgia.
I just wanna say that I find your artwork truly amazing, especially the Bohrok-Va pieces and I wondered if you were planning on recreating some of the existing characters into your human-pieces as I think it has quite some possibilities!
Well done on everything and I'm definately looking forward to your future works!
IRON6DUCK Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, man, I'm glad you like My Bohrok Va peeps :D
And sorry but There aren't really other Bionicle characters I plan on humanizing. The reason being that the humanizings actually are personal reimagenings of the characters, So they are not really the LEGO Bionicle characters we all know.

I may put at "bohrok va" or "Toa" image out now and then, and also, I do some Mata Nui fanart from time to time ^^ but that's about it ;)
TridanV2 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015
Ah well, looking forward to everything!
Your artistic skills on the League-works and the Mata Nui-works are very nice as well!
josephkarins Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, just wanted to say your Bionicle landscapes are amazing!  I've admired your Great Telescope piece for a while, and I just found your other pieces tonight!  Truly reminiscent of the ol' days.  Keep up the great work!
IRON6DUCK Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :happybounce: I try to keep the memories alive. :iconrainbowdashawplz:
josephkarins Featured By Owner Edited Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well you're doing a killer job!  My favorite is the Ussal Race Arena, almost entirely because of the creativity behind it and the details you've included.  Truly awesome work, I hope to see more!
IRON6DUCK Featured By Owner Edited Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. Comments like yours are really heart-warming. Especially for days when the self-esteem is low. I am actually working on a new MNsight-painting at the moment Inside Out Reaction Icon: Joy laughing. It's about 10 % done so it's gonna take a while :d
(1 Reply)
14Katsunai Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAAAAAAPPPYYYYY Birthdayyyyy!! You're now 365.25 days older than you were exactly 1 year year ago! :D Congrats! Achievement get! >u< /
IRON6DUCK Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uuuuuh.. Thx! :d
PJ-K21 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
Happy birthday!:happy birthday: 
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